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Thank you for your support! Booster membership is one of the reasons we have such an outstanding program.  2022 program support fess are $40.  This fee helps us pay for all the items district does not cover with your $50 activity fee.

One method of support is to our tax credit account.  (

Your tax credit donations up to the maximum amount ($400.00 married, $200.00 single) will be refunded dollar for dollar on the your AZ tax return.  Even if you have already contributed your maximum refundable amount, you can still direct your program support fees to the account.

Program Support Links

Booster Funds Donation -




Booster Program Support fee $40.00

  • Athlete End of Year Picnic

  • Equipment and Training implements

  • Varsity Banquet/Awards

  • Senior Recognition

  • Hospitality Suite

  • Meet Volunteer Food/Drink

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